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Production Company

Golden LA

Brand Development and Community Management for Global Production Company

Brand Development and Community Management for Global Production Company

In our ongoing partnership with Golden, we've seen steady growth and consistency in brand presence digitally. Because of their diverse roster of live action directors it created a personalized approach to visual consistency. While creating and maintaining the brand voice, we found that the unique personalities this brand houses makes room for authentic engagements. In the first 11 months we saw a 40% growth in followers.

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Scope of Work

Brand voice management

Asset Development for Social Media

Creative Direction


About The Client

Production Company

Golden is a multi-disciplinary studio driven by a roster of live action directors and a collective of designers and visual effects artists. Excited by the future, Golden brings the appropriate balance of innovation and experience to each aspect of the production process. We are tired of labels so we wear none.



Our Plan

Establish consistency in brand voice and visuals with a wide roster of creative perspectives. By connecting the audience to the company in a more meaningful way through social media, our goal is to drive deeper engagement and awareness in the industry.


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