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For Good


Strategic Campaign Development for National Non-Profit App

Strategic Campaign Development for National Non-Profit App

Purposity is a national community of neighbors. They connect people with their neighbors to meet common needs through a community matrix that starts with the student population. We partnered together on a strategic launch campaign to help redevelop their brand visuals to a broader audience alongside the launch of their app. Together we helped meet 25,000 needs so far.

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Scope of Work

Unique Launch Campaign Strategy
Refreshed brand messaging
Photo and videos for campaign


About The Client

For Good

Purposity is a non-profit app that connects the critical, physical needs of people, vetted through established local nonprofits and school systems, with users who want to help through just a few clicks. Join us in proving humanity is good.



Our Plan

Showcase how Purposity uncovers needs that are in plain sight, but unseen and connecting that idea through the history of generosity.


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