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Soap Maker

Anna Woodman

A woman of many strengths and recipes, Anna may be best known as a soap maker. Her company Mae, which launched in February of 2020, meticulously crafts each bar of cold-processed soap by hand in Oregon.

Patience Over Status

Portland, Oregon

This month on Second Wind Generation we're learning the value of patience over status through Anna's story of becoming a small business owner. Anna's vision for her life and her company Mae has shaped the way she makes decisions. So when a million dollar opportunity came her way that would compromise the quality of her product, she turned it down. Instead she chose to stay patient for the future she saw over the status of instant gratification. Over the next 4 episodes we'll dive deeper into this value through moving features, sit-down conversations and live mentorship.

"The process of making soap is slow and it taught me that not all good things come quick or cheap. Saying no to a big offer changed the trajectory of my business."

Anna Woodman

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