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May 17


Patience Over Status with Anna Woodman

Episode 1.1

May 24


Scenic Routes & Panic Attacks

Episode 1.2
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May 31



Episode 1.3
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Jul 12


The Table - Live Mentorship

Episode 1.4

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5 artists, 5 tales

of the creative wild west

This season on Second Wind Generation we're traveling around the States to gain a fresh perspective on the values all types of artists live by; searching for the sustainable blueprint we can build the future of our lives and the industry on

to give us all a SECOND WIND.

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A message from the director

Let me give you some context

My name is Paul Tellefsen. I am a documentarian and the Founder of Able Creative House. Several years ago, after launching a successful documentary and community, I quit my dream job to pursue life as an entrepreneur. Since then I've experienced some big wins and hit a lot roadblocks too while finding a livelihood in the creative wild west.

It wasn't just what I learned, but who taught me that sparked this documentary series. Along the way, I've made friends with passionate and inspiring artists who've embraced the reformation of their own creative hearts and helped shape my own renaissance. I am who I am today because of their investment and friendship.

Each month we’ll cover a different value of the future creative industry through the stories of five established artists. Across four unique episodes you’ll hear personal stories, enjoy sit down conversations and have the chance to be be mentored by each artist. 

I hope these concepts take root in your career and communities. I know they’ve changed my life. In-person, cross generation and cultural relationships are more important than ever. And that’s what I’m looking towards. My why is simple. I genuinely love people, especially the dreamers, and I know what it’s like to be a lonely pioneer. My dream is to help others step into theirs. And this docuseries is the first step to initiating those kinds of connections. Grab a seat on the Porch and let’s build this thing together.

to the future creative voices

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Anna Woodman

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What if we could start from scratch?

Able Creative House was founded to be the bridge between those who've gone before and those up and coming. The creative and entertainment industries can be unknown, lonely and confusing spaces to enter unprepared. When we think about how we can accomplish our mission to identify, shape and harness future creative voices it first begins with listening to stories of established artists.

That’s why we’re excited to release this new original docuseries Second Wind Generation. Director Paul Tellefsen and his team will share stories of communicators, developers, entrepreneurs, performers and all types of creators to reframe the foundation for you, the coming creative industry to build upon.

This series is just the beginning of our vision

cities transformed by transformed creatives

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A message from the studio

an able original documentary

Instagram Is

Released May 2013

In a culture immersed in technology, Instagram is reviving adventure, face to face community and real relationships. Through sharing the stories of friends old and new, "Instagram Is" sets out to discover the answer to the question "How can something so digital get people out from behind their devices and into the analog world?"

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