About The Film

"Instagram isn't about the followers you have, but about the journey you take." -@wldheartz

In a culture immersed in technology, Instagram is reviving adventure, face to face community and real relationships. Instagram Is was birthed out of @technopaul's desire to see genuine and authentic emotion and community on Instagram. Simply put it is a documentary sharing the experiences of Instagram users, what Instagram is to them and how it is impacting their life and the community around them.

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The Story

It all started in a college class. Paul was tasked with making a trailer for a mock film. Hence the trailer you have been watching. The night he finished the trailer Paul realized there was a whole, real movie at the helm. This wasn't some trailer for a pretend movie anymore.

Therefore, as his capstone/graduation project for college (University of Texas at Dallas), Paul decided to choose creating Instagram Is. Why not right? As a rule for capstones Paul had to create, shoot, edit and make Instagram Is by himself. That was one of the toughest challenges. Paul didn't know what he was in for. But with encouragement of the Instagram community and the help of willing interviewees, Paul finished it and it was successfully released on May 24, 2013.

"Instagram is so much bigger than an app or a grade on a project. Instagram is changing the way we make and sustain relationships. It's questioning the barrier between analog and digital. Instagram in and of itself is not a way of life, but the effects of Instagram has changed my life and countless others." -Paul Tellefsen

About the Creator

It's funny how something so digital can create real relationships so analog. The juxtaposition of  these concepts is what inspired me to make this documentary." -Paul Tellefsen

Paul Tellefsen (that guy ^^) is the creator, director, editor, marketer, cinematographer... you get the point. Paul basically runs the show...he may be writing this right now.He graduated from UT Dallas in Spring 2013 with a BA in EMAC. He has worked in film and video production since he was 12 for his company technopaul productions.

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"I think I can speak for most when I say, that Instagram has changed, and continues to change my life day after day." -@stephenielc

"Instagram isn't about money to me. Instagram isn't even about photos to me. Instagram is about community." -@brandenharvey